Tune your sales coverage to grow pipeline in 2022

Modern Sales

SDR leaders and marketing directors have many different levers to increase the sales pipeline.

Obvious ‘go-tos’ are encouraging reps to engage in social selling, embrace digital content like guides and ebooks, create more effective sequences and scripts, and adopt a data-driven sales strategy.

Make sure your sales coverage model is on this list too. Adjustments can help you tap new pipeline sources so you can exceed your growth goals for 2022.

This is how:

High potential, underserved accounts

Identify a promising but otherwise neglected customer segment or cohort.

This could be the next 250 or 500 accounts that your current SDR team can’t reach because they are fully committed to working leads in larger accounts. Or it could be a promising new vertical market where the payoff is likely large, but unproven.


Cross-selling is another sales motion to pursue. It invites customers to buy related or complementary items from the same provider – in this case, you.

A provider may have multiple distinct offerings, but most customers have purchased only one or two. Purchase history, who the buyers are, and familiarity with the decision process means the vendor has an opportunity to deploy a small, tactical team to develop new leads in the accounts.

Strategic imperative

While an edge case for some vendors, it’s front and center for larger SAAS providers.

Consider this: the revenue opportunity in the impacted accounts is relatively small, but the risk of a new competitor gaining access is high.

Microsoft’s desire to keep its commercial and mid-market customers with legacy SQL Server licenses from getting poached by AWS is an example. To mitigate this threat, a centralized inside telesales resource works to start Azure migration discussions as quickly as possible.

What to do now?

A sales coverage model enables companies to win business from new and existing accounts with better planning, execution, and allocation of people, time, and money.

The good news is you have several options.

Many SDR teams are seeing their headcount grow to support aggressive sales goals in 2022. If you are in this group, consider adjusting your sales coverage to accommodate these opportunities as appropriate.

Alternatively, or in tandem, you can use external resources like ours or another outsourced sales development specialist. These seven steps will help you make the right selection.

Sales coverage matters

A sales coverage model doesn’t need to be complex, but it does need to be thorough.

Ultimately, it is a reflection of your company’s sales process, sales cycle, historical revenue, key accounts, and the sales team itself.

Book a conversation with us to learn how you can deploy sales as a managed service to give you the account coverage necessary to achieve your pipeline growth goals in 2022.

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