6 steps to new client onboarding

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By applying a proven, end-to-end onboarding process like ours, every outsourced sales engagement can get off to a great start.

We provide a modern, world-class sales as a service option for clients who want help growing revenue. A question we get asked often is what our onboarding process looks like for new clients.

Let’s start with what onboarding is and why it is important.

What is client onboarding?

Onboarding is the process of welcoming new clients. It is an opportunity to begin building a strong relationship, get the engagement up to speed, address questions, and outline the strategy going forward.

The importance of client onboarding

Client onboarding isn’t just a nice add-on – it is crucial to the success of our work together.

If a prospective vendor is not able to answer every question you have to your satisfaction, then walk away. The risk of failure is too high to move forward.

If you want to know why we put so much emphasis on client onboarding, look no further than the data: according to Wyzowl, 63 percent of customers consider the company’s onboarding program when making a purchasing decision.

When done effectively, it achieves the following:

Inspires confidence: It is a list of time-bound activities and deliverables. By way of example, our process has been fine-tuned from having onboarded new clients for years. Each new client benefits from this.

Drives efficiency: A consistent, repeatable onboarding process helps us as much as it helps our new clients. We get the information we need-to-know at our fingertips. The result is greater efficiency and avoidance of bottlenecks down the line.

Reduces scope creep: Setting expectations early. This ensures our accountabilities are clear from the beginning. Since the risk of mis-alignment drops, we can focus on delivering the outcomes you want.

Our 6 Step Client Onboarding Process

We consistently apply a process that has been fine-turned over time. Simply put, it works.

Strategy Workshop

The first step is to learn about your selling motion, the sales aids you have available, and any marketing initiatives supporting prospect engagement.

We cover all the bases: assess status, set goals, identify gaps, build the plan, and align roles. The impact of this approach is significant: greater focus, tighter alignment, and better results. A set of recommendations is the deliverable, which we integrate into the service.

A Sales Playbook

Next, we create a Sales Playbook. This “living” document contains explicit explanations of who your customers are, how they buy, their pain points, and what to say to them.

Think of it like connective tissue: it connects, supports, and binds together the people, process, and technology required to implement a repeatable system to win new customers.

It makes training new salespeople faster and easier. It frees up time for selling because sales reps don’t have to create content. It dramatically accelerates the sharing of best practices.

Recruiting and retention

A world-class talent recruitment process is a part of our client onboarding process. Every member of your outsourced sales team is an employee of ours. We don’t use contractors.

The process starts with ensuring candidates “fit” with our company values, then extends to the engagement objective and your company’s culture. We use modern tools and human resource processes to source, recruit, manage, reward, and promote team members.

Enablement and measurement

The next step is to configure our modern sales tech stack for the engagement. It uses the latest productivity tools for prospecting and contact lookup, outreach automation, dialer and conferencing, call recording analytics, and automated calendaring.

As a result, our sellers achieve daily activity levels impossible to achieve otherwise.

All this is supported by a real time dashboard, so you can see outreach volume by type of activity, like calls, emails, social outreach, and texts. Conversion of leads to qualified sales opportunities as well as deals by stage are visible to you.

Sequence optimization

Next, our specialists create outreach sequences using messaging and calls to action that persuade. The sequences are multi-channel. They utilize multi-media as appropriate. All are created based on an understanding of your buyer personas.

We continually A/B test to optimize engagement performance. You can view the results including detailed reporting, like open rates and reply rates anytime.

Sales training and coaching

Our approach to advancing seller effectiveness never stops. We role play with you so that our sellers understand the key messages and how to handle common objections.

We review recordings of prospect calls to identify areas of improvement and provide regular coaching to close gaps in skills. All our sellers have access to self-paced, structured learning opportunities, as well as more traditional “event-style” sales training events.

Daily standups with your sales team keeps energy high and the goals clear.

Our promise

These six steps ensure our outsourced sales engagement with you gets off to a great start. The process is configurable to support engagements of all shapes and sizes.

Sales is hard. By removing the complexity you face, we can help you ignite demand, drive sales, and accelerate revenue. Consider this an open invitation to learn more about our onboarding process.

We look forward to sharing how we can help take your sales results to the next level.

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