Avoid Common HubSpot Missteps


For businesses using the HubSpot Customer Platform, pitfalls and course corrections often pave the way to success.

The difference between good and not-so-good implementations of HubSpot is the equivalent of leaving money on the table – and we have it all in our assessment workshops. Sales productivity gains pass you by. Marketing is less efficient. Revenue performance suffers.

Identify Telltale Signs

Implementations can veer off-strategy in several ways. These are signs it’s time to get back on track.

The Chaos of Taxonomy and Structure

It’s like walking into a library where books are scattered haphazardly. Without a clear taxonomy and structure, your HubSpot instance becomes confusing, leading to inefficiencies and frustration. Trying to understand what a workflow named “routing.221001-east” does will drive you insane.

The Perils of Bad Data

Imagine building a house on a shaky foundation. Bad data in your CRM is the shaky foundation that undermines your marketing and sales initiatives. It leads to misguided strategies and lost opportunities. Set up Insycle and run a quick report. The results may shock you.

Report and Dashboard Overload

Everyone loves data, but too much of it can be overwhelming. When every team member has their own report and dashboard, it creates an environment where everyone has their own source of truth.

Super Admin Traffic Jam

Too many super admins are like too many captains steering a ship. It can lead to conflicting directions and a lack of accountability. Streamlining access and roles is crucial for a smooth HubSpot journey.

Faulty Time, Volume, and Conversion Metrics

These metrics are the leading indicators of future sales. If they’re off, you could be in trouble. Ensuring these metrics are accurate and reliable is critical to effective marketing and sales strategy. Ever wonder why that SQL stage has 0 contacts?

Much can go wrong with technical Outbound too, but we’ll cover this topic in another edition of The Savvy Marketer.

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Avoiding these pitfalls isn’t just about cleaning up a system. It’s about building a foundation for growth. Whether you want to drive demand, implement new tools, or reduce complexity in your tech stack, we help leaders like you achieve the revenue and business outcomes you want.

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