Axiom Cloud turns refrigeration management into a money maker for grocers.

Case Study

National grocers and cold chain companies save big on energy and maintenance costs, service calls, and refrigerant leak rates.


Axiom Cloud uses AI and automation to transform how the world’s cooling systems are powered, operated, and maintained. Axiom’s team of industry experts, data scientists, and software developers solves retail grocery’s biggest energy and maintenance challenges by using software to add intelligence to existing refrigeration systems. Big national brands like Grocery Outlet, Sprouts, and HelloFresh are customers.


Like other emerging growth SaaS companies, Axiom Cloud has validated product-market fit. Now the challenge was scaling their customer base and proving the sustainability of their business model. But the company faced a unique set of marketing challenges. They had to differentiate themselves to get attention from future customers and win budget, which meant displacing other vendors or projects. The company recognized it lacked the mix of specialized marketing and revenue enablement resources to make progress quickly and affordably.


Rather than build a costly internal team, Axiom Cloud turned to a partner. Enter RaaStr, which offers a wide range of specialized expertise. The company helped Axiom with messaging as well as content strategy. The agency created a content calendar to develop and release a mix of articles, whitepapers, and case studies for the company’s target market. By using the latest tools and analytics, RaaStr executed targeted campaigns, capitalizing on both organic and paid channels to engage clients at different stages of their buyer journey. To strategize on big deals, Axiom tapped into the agency’s sales strategy and coaching resources.

RaaStr earned our trust by putting our needs first and delivered results like helping us engage new customers and expand our footprint within existing ones – they deliver across the board.

Amrit Robbins

CEO, Axiom Cloud


Annual recurring revenue increase by 100%. Importantly, marketing strategy and execution was done in close collaboration with the sales team to ensure alignment on strategy, buyer roles, messaging, and content. Axiom was able to launch sales campaigns quickly that took advantage of opportunities created by new compliance requirements.

About RaaStr – We take the pain out of driving growth with marketing that simply works. With tech-savvy expertise in demand generation, sales strategy, and revenue enablement, we create more Aha! moments for your current and future customers.

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