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Last week we shared six strategies on how you as a marketing leader can impact Q4 revenue. In this snippet, we unpack one of them: the importance of creating specialized content and collateral.

💡 5 content ideas for better sales results in Q4

Directing your content firepower to support mid- and late-stage deals will get you a standing ovation from sales.


Show up with ideas to customize proposals. This goes behind explaining how your solution will save the customer time and money. Your proposal should reflect a deep understanding of their needs and challenges, and why your solution aligns with company priorities.

Success Stories

Showcase testimonials and case studies from successful deployments formed during the year, emphasizing the solutions you provided and the business impact they had.

Interactive Digital Tools and Assets

Create tools like ROI calculators so potential customers can calculate the benefits of using your product or service. Consider interactive brochures too. This type of content allows potential clients to explore scenarios, view testimonials, or even chat with sales representatives in real time.

Carve out “High-Pipe” Deals

For deals not sales-led, target opportunities in the mid to late stages of your pipeline for outreach. Create highly personalized messages and include year-end reminders about unused budget allocations and one-time offers. Replies should route directly to the AE for action.

Year-End Reviews and Outlook

Publish whitepapers or e-books with industry insights, lessons learned, and forecasts for the upcoming year. This positions your company as a thought leader and provides valuable information for potential clients.

🚀 Use genAI to start

Tools like ChatGPT can assist in getting these deliverables out the door fast. While anyone can use them to create content instantaneously and at zero cost, invest the time to “de-robotize” the output and make it on-brand for your company. Robo-authored content is obvious and potentially damaging to your reputation.

🌟 Wrap Up

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