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Are you struggling to get the sales and marketing outcomes you want? Are you losing focus by being pulled in too many different directions at once? Is your revenue being negatively impacted by these scenarios?

These are common problems we see for companies across many different industries. In this article, we break down Revenue as a Service, so you can learn if it is a fit for your business.

What is Revenue as a Service, or RaaS?

RaaS is a turnkey, fully-managed demand generation and deal management service to drive sales. It uses best-of-breed sales and marketing practices, a modern tech stack, real-time reporting of results, and an engagement process to give you more control.

You get qualified leads, closed deals, and marketing support to create a world-class customer experience. But just don’t take our word for it. Learn how Scope 5 uses RAAS to drive triple-digit sales growth.

Use these five steps to learn if RaaS can help you:

Step #1. RaaS fit with your business

Our full-service option is designed for business owner-operators with up to $10 million in sales. It can support a wide range of products or services, including SaaS.

Other considerations include a track record of sales and a sales cycle that is generally less than six months.

Step #2. ROI impact you can expect

We start by working with you to define monthly sales targets, then work backward to optimize the inbound web-to-lead process, outbound engagement engine, and deal management. The return on investment, or ROI, is typically between 300 to 500 percent.

You are responsible for invoicing, onboarding new customers, and providing support services.

Step #3. Learn how RaaS works

As you would expect, this is a common question. The diagram below breaks down each step so you know what happens in inbound marketing, outbound sales, and deal management.

Step #4. A strategy workshop starts the process

We take time to understand your ideal customer profile, the selling motion, and desired sales targets. Then, we work with you to identify and close gaps. This includes putting in place simple, repeatable steps to optimize effectiveness and efficiency.

This diagram describes the steps we go through in the workshop.

Step #5. What we need from you

We are part of your team the moment we start working together. If you have a list of target accounts with contact information, then we can plug it into the revenue engine. We will also add new contacts from prospect data sources we use regularly.

Value proposition, messaging, and collateral are all items we will need.

Lastly, we meet regularly in recurring and ad hoc meetings to share insights, discuss progress against sales targets, and work through issues collaboratively, just like you would with an internal team.

Take the first step

Schedule an exploratory call with us to learn if Revenue as a Service is a good fit for your business.

Sales as a Service Blueprint

How marketing engages customers and enables sales teams to drive revenue.

Revenue Operations FAQ

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