Can RaaStr grow MY revenue?

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There are three categories of inquiries we see most often: expand existing revenue, validate our go-to-market plan, and help us get off the ground.

RaaStr is asked daily if we can grow revenue in a given client situation.

Ready to grow your revenue now

When a product or service has already been sold in a market for at least a year or two, we’re confident our expertise, technology, and discipline will yield great results.

We engage closely with our clients – learning, leveraging, and expanding what’s already working, and bringing specialization and drive where needed.

Have early traction, but need market clarity

We also hear from clients who have deployed their product or service to only a handful of customers. Our Market Validation service tests and refines personas, messaging, and overall market fit. Once complete, we’re ready to help you scale.

Start with two to three customers

Lastly, we hear occasionally from early-stage companies with few or no customers. In this scenario, it’s too early to scale sales – you’d be squandering time and money guessing on market positioning and fit.

The key objective at this last stage is getting the first two or three customers. Start with peer networking. The goal is to hear “I can’t live without your solution.”

If you ask for an opinion on the product, people will generally say nice things: “You’re smart. This is a great idea.” However, no one will bet their next promotion on implementing a solution unless it genuinely solves a real problem.

Either way you’re going to learn a ton.

If they don’t want to go forward, you’ll be able to learn why.

  • The problem you’re solving may not be big enough.
  • You may not be talking to the right person.
  • Your packaging or pricing may miss the mark.

Sometimes, the problem you want to solve in the market isn’t valued as highly by end-users.

And just maybe, they will implement your solution!

If so, you will learn how your solution is different in the wild than in the lab.

You’ll get feedback on what parts of the solution are most valued.

Hopefully, you’ll get a case study that explains in your end-users’ words why they value your solution so much.

That’s pure gold for the next step, which is going to market and finding more end users similar enough to get them interested.

Don’t guess, test…

With these deployments under your belt and learnings on board, you’re far better able to target new prospects with effective outreach. This is the perfect time for Market Validation.

The goal, of course, is three happy customers, with accompanying case studies. Three clients who are raving fans. A library of quotes and proof points about why your solution uniquely solves a critical issue, at a cost that provides a great return.

From there, RaaStr will take you, and your revenue, to the moon.

Contact us today to learn more.

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