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Our recent newsletter on the topic of closing enterprise deals was a big hit – tbh, more than we expected. Inspired by the response, this week’s edition lays out the roadmap for getting a big deal off the ground.

💡 Use these 5 steps

This playbook is applicable for “land-to-expand” customers because these accounts know you. You have had the opportunity to deliver value and build trust with the decision-maker. This approach works – and we have used it to close enterprise-wide deals ourselves.

Pick candidates

Start by reviewing your list of large accounts, their satisfaction with your solution, and the depth and breadth of the relationship between their company and yours. Then pick the top four or five candidates.

Assemble terms

Have an internal discussion about the terms you are willing to accept in exchange for an enterprise-wide commitment. Identify the “trades” you are willing to make based on your knowledge of each account. Whatever it is – price, deployment, support, or something else – the W.I.I.F.Y. must motivate everyone.

Build wireframe

Next, jot down your talking points. You want to create an opening gambit that is conversational with messaging like “We have an opportunity to do something special now.” Build out the story by listing the buyer’s priorities and make clear your commitment to work together on an agreement to meet them.

Present idea

Your goal is simple: assess the likelihood of an enterprise-wide deal. You are looking for signs of emotional commitment from the buyer to push this forward. Keep the conversation relaxed and collaborative. It is okay if the answer is “no” or “not right now.” Chances are only one or two will make it to the finish line.

Summarize actions

Button the conversation with a quick rundown of what actions you will take. Your buyer should do the same. As your team works the details, stay involved because your relationship equity is at stake.

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🌟 Wrap Up

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