A new era of outsourced sales and marketing

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Re-imagining outsourced sales and marketing.

As we start 2021, RaaStr is once again rewriting the rules of providing revenue as a service so clients can realize their growth potential faster and more reliably.

Honestly, we are not the first company to enter the outsourced sales and marketing space. Many small, niche companies have done bits and pieces of this for years. Some do appointment setting, others focus on outbound email campaigns. Some providers consult on selling processes or provide training services.

Lastly, the use of offshore resources in low-cost labor markets is not uncommon.

But we’re the only provider taking a holistic approach to customer experience across the full buyer journey, from initial connection to close and renewal across all channels. This outside-in approach means we engage prospective buyers on their terms, the way they want, with messages and supporting processes that drive results.

And we do this across a broad range of customer segments and industries. Chances are we can help you.

We’ve created a blueprint so you can see how our process unlocks the secrets of predictable, scalable growth.

A clear vision

So much is fresh this year. We updated our values by taking a closer look at who we are and what we stand for.

In a nutshell, we’re a team of innovative growth experts trusted by clients to increase sales. We do this by melding creativity with a relentless commitment to improving processes. You can read more about our values on the new About page.

Our new, user-friendly website and clear message highlight our position at the forefront of revenue generation today.

Customer success drives us

This has always been the case for us. What’s new is how much our clients are bringing us along with them on their growth journey. We’re honored by the trust they place in us. We know it comes with incredible responsibility.

Clients are asking us to provide more solutions to help them drive revenue. Turns out these fit naturally with our capabilities.

Now our Revenue as a Service offerings extend past inside sales to include digital marketing and project management. While we didn’t predict this 12 months ago, we are thrilled nonetheless.

Elevated client expectations

Our focus is entirely centered around how we can drive sales success and revenue growth for our clients.

As we all know, customer expectations have changed drastically over the past year. Due to the tumultuous state of the present, organizations are in desperate need of agile, quick-launch operations so they can:

Ignite Demand. Modern sales operations need to be fueled by demand. Our sales and marketing strategies enhance interest, brand awareness, and conversion rates.

Drive Sales. Sales performance is the key driver for growth. Our focus is to create quality business outcomes using best-in-class practices and processes.

Accelerate Revenue. Ultimately, we want to accelerate revenue growth for our clients. In doing so, we help position our clients as leaders in their respective industries.

Our promise to you

Our approach is designed to fit all sizes and sectors, from emerging growth companies to larger enterprises. We promise:

Results are the same for all our clients: ignite demand, drive sales, and accelerate revenue.

We understand that different sectors have different requirements when it comes to engaging prospective customers. We take the time to listen, then create a custom sales and marketing solution to meet precise needs.

The proven methodology behind our Revenue as a Service offerings is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing client operations, improving sales performance without disruption.

See for yourself

The new RaaStr website is designed for an easy browsing experience. If you haven’t already checked it out, take a look around. We hope you like what you see!

If you are curious about what working with us is like, let’s start a conversation.

Stay connected to what we are doing at RaaStr. Follow us on LinkedIn for real-time updates.

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