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Pay attention Hubspot customers: This edition of The Savvy Marketer is for you. Make sure you are getting the most of Hubspot.

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As a Hubspot Top Solution Provider, we see firsthand how customers underutilize powerful, but more complex or less intuitive features. Reasons we hear most often are perceived complexity, lack of internal skills, or simply โ€œweโ€™re too busy.โ€

Consider these five lesser-known capabilities. When configured and deployed properly, these can take revenue enablement to the moon – and make you a revenue hero.

Workflow Extensions

HubSpot’s workflow capabilities are powerful for automating marketing, sales, and service processes. However, many users don’t fully utilize the ability to create custom workflow extensions that can interact with external systems or handle complex logic.

Predictive Lead Scoring

This advanced feature uses machine learning to score leads based on their likelihood to convert. Because it requires a significant amount of data to be effective, and understanding of how predictive modeling works, smaller customers or those new to HubSpot seldom use this to its full potential.

Custom Reporting

While many users utilize the basic reporting functions, HubSpot has robust custom reporting tools that can combine data from various parts of the platform to generate deep insights. Creating these reports requires a good understanding of the data, the reporting tool itself, and of course the question you are trying to answer.

ABM Tools

HubSpot has tools specifically for ABM strategies, which is a more targeted approach to B2B marketing. These tools can be powerful but are sometimes overlooked by businesses that are not familiar with ABM or think it may be too costly.

Content Strategy and SEO Planning Tools

These tools help improve a website’s SEO and develop a content strategy aligned with the user’s search behavior. They can be complex and require a fair amount of SEO knowledge, leading to underutilization by customers who donโ€™t have the in-house expertise.

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