Three common sales specialization scenarios

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Generating sustained, profitable growth is hard. All companies big and small struggle with this issue at times. How they respond to the challenge varies widely.

Need help with sales execution?

Here are three common scenarios that drive interest in sales specialization.

At RaaStr, we provide an option that is garnering more and more attention: sales as a managed service. This trend is accelerating as business leaders seek more creative solutions in the face of revenue challenges.

Companies are applying this option to three common scenarios: sales specialization, existing team capacity, and winning new markets.

Outsourcing the sales function is not new.

Some companies have been outsourcing portions of the B2B selling process for years. The reasons why are many.

Outsourcing the selling process is a fast, low-risk way to reliably extend the capabilities and reach of an existing team. Consider this: a Sales VP or Inside Sales Director wants either to increase overall sales velocity to hit key metrics, or scale sales rapidly after closing a recent round of funding.

Leaders, like CEOs with technical backgrounds, understood from the get-go sales is a learned discipline requiring the right mix of skills, training, and leadership. They recognize expertise like this is hard to find under the best of circumstances.

Others may have arrived at this conclusion after having tried all the traditional approaches.

Here are three scenarios we often see at RaaStr. Which one resonates most with your situation?

The case for sales specialization.

Today, many companies assign full-funnel B2B selling responsibilities to sales representatives. This involves a diverse, complex array of tasks from A to Z: prospect, qualification, solution, close, even renewal.

Grouping similar tasks and activities allows your sales reps to improve focus. Imagine having specialists to build top of the funnel pipeline and others focused exclusively on discovery and closure.

Put another way, sales specialization can improve the size of the pipeline, and the rate qualified deals move through the opportunity management process to close/won.

The result is more capacity and velocity to the sales process so you can fuel growth – the lifeblood of any business!

Extend your current sales team.

Small sales teams are effective and nimble, but quickly adding capacity can help fix an array of bottlenecks.

Say you’re starting the new year and realize the top of the funnel pipeline is not where it needs to be. The clock is ticking, not enough qualified deals are in the pipeline, and you need to show results!

This means you may need to extend your current sales team by spooling up a service like ours to make more calls, qualify more prospects, and create more proposals, so you can close more deals.

Revenue as a Service will help you extend your team to help you achieve the success you’re searching for this year. And you always have the option to transition our resources to your company as full-time employees.

Winning a new market.

One of the most critical elements of a company’s long term success is the ability to target and win customers in new markets.

Say your company has a product or service that you want to take to prospective buyers in a new market.

Before dedicating internal resources to capture this market, you need a repeatable, scalable process that you know works. Once you have this first cohort of documented wins with the “right” customers, you are ready to ramp the team.

RaaStr has the expertise you need to help build the sales strategy, execute the plan with a closed-loop learning process, and document the outcome from start to finish so you can transition the sales playbook to your internal team without a hiccup.

Which scenario will help you break away?

Using a high-energy, high-velocity service like ours will put you on a path to more revenue.

Maybe your team needs sales specialization to quickly increase pipeline and selling throughput.

Maybe you need to add new outsourced sales specialists to your team for more capacity fast.

Or perhaps the sales plan calls for winning a new market this year, but you need help to get started.

No matter the direction you want to take your sales team, RaaStr can help get you there!

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