Saving water is serious business

Case Study

By collaborating with sales, creating persuasive content, and using modern ABM techniques, marketing increased sales pipeline more than 20 percent.


A leader in smart water management, Apana helps commercial and industrial customers use less water so they can increase efficiency, boost the bottom line, and help the environment. A secure IoT network and powerful cloud analytics make this possible.


Apana faced several challenges. First, helping prospects understand that the biggest savings come from reducing the total cost of the water, not the direct cost, was the greatest obstacle. Other issues impacting engagement and conversion rates were a low volume of inbound and outbound leads, gaps in content across the buyer journey, and inadequate SEO and outbound campaign strategies.


Apana refreshed messaging with the phrase, “Water efficiency as a service.” The total cost of water concept was unpacked and communicated in clear, easy-to-understand language and visuals. The company worked to turn the website into a conversion engine by creating content that supported the full sales funnel as well as implemented advanced SEO optimization strategies. A robust editorial calendar with sales aid content, webinars, and social media-fueled an account-based marketing approach to strategic accounts.

RaaStr always has the marketing expertise we need in the moment – strategy, content creation, campaign execution.

Don Lanham

VP, Sales and Marketing, Apana


Using a data-driven approach to diagnose issues and refresh strategy, marketing’s contribution to the sales pipeline increased by more than 20 percent. New SEO-informed content positioned Apana as a leading expert in the water management category. Website traffic grew 50 percent. Outbound campaigns achieved a 42 percent open rate and a 10 percent click-through rate, respectively. A quarterly webinar cadence supported by a demand generation engine boosted support for the sales funnel.

About RaaStr – We take the pain out of driving growth with marketing that simply works. With tech-savvy expertise in demand generation, sales strategy, and revenue enablement, we create more Aha! moments for your current and future customers.

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