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This week our focus is on the role marketing can play to support a strong close to the quarter and the year. These moves have worked for us, so consider trying in your business.

πŸ’‘ Use These 6 Steps

Games are often won or lost in the fourth quarter. Sales plans are no different. While sales is front and center, marketing can serve as a critical enabler at this time.

Participate in top deal reviews

Collaborate with sales leadership and their teams to see how marketing can support the closing of specific deals within named or strategic accounts. Among the options are having marketing target specific roles and contacts with highly personalized messages and content.

Offer customized terms

Brainstorm with sales leadership to create time-sensitive, end-of-year programmatic discounts and other concessions to qualified deals above certain dollar thresholds. This is especially true when the potential exists to tilt prospects into making larger commitments.

Create tailored content and collateral

Develop fresh content that sales can use to advance deals in the late stages of your sales funnel. Consider customized proposals, ROI calculations, case studies that mirror the prospect’s situation, or custom product sheets that address their pain points.

Utilize targeted retargeting campaigns

Implement retargeting campaigns aimed at engaging decision-makers from existing opportunities. Use insights from sales to craft messages that resonate with their concerns or aspirations, reminding them of the unique solutions your company offers.

Provide social proof

Amplify customer testimonials, reviews, and case studies from similar industries or use cases to reinforce the value your product or service has provided to others. Ensuring prospects know the success others have had with your product can alleviate concerns and validate their decision.

Facilitate direct communication

Organize webinars, Q&A sessions, or direct consultations with industry experts or thought leaders from your company to address prospects’ concerns or technical questions. Direct interaction with authoritative figures can boost confidence and trust among potential clients, nudging them toward closing.

πŸš€ Trends

Start Your AI Journey (πŸ”— link)

While the sales team wrestles deals across the line, marketing has the opportunity to prioritize and plan for next year. Now is the time to consider starting your AI journey. We show you how with these simple 8 steps.

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Attention digital marketers: We are conducting 20-minute interviews to better understand your daily challenges and needs. Your insights will inform our service roadmap. Contact Jason Derr, Senior Product Manager, to learn how you can engage.

🌟 Wrap Up

Our team had fun pooling our expertise to create this newsletter edition. Let us know if you found it useful by contacting us at info@getraas.com. Until next week!

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