The rise of RevOps as a service

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Sales, marketing, and service alignment is a hot topic for most organizations. If these teams have a desire to improve how they work well together, then RevOps as a service is the ticket to make it happen.

What is revenue operations?

Revenue Operations, also known as RevOps, is responsible for aligning the operations functions supporting the sales, marketing, and customer service organizations.

As a standalone function, RevOps is catching on fast. For example, there was a 55% increase in revenue operations adoption from 2018 to 2019, according to the LeanData State of Revenue Operations. In 2018, Director of Revenue Operations job titles surpassed Director of Sales Operations by 68% on LinkedIn.

Key metrics measuring revenue operations’ success

While the goals and tactics of a revenue operations organization will vary based on the company’s objectives, the success of RevOps is measured by key metrics, like recurring revenue, lifetime value, churn rate, sales cycle length, and win rate.

With this as context, why is revenue operations becoming so popular?

The importance of RevOps

In B2B companies across all industries, consistent revenue growth is a challenge for 78% of them. A well-executed revenue operations strategy may help solve this.

How revenue operations impacts sales and marketing

Essentially, sales and marketing alignment boils down to communication between these functions.

When sales and marketing organizations are aligned, collaboration becomes frictionless between organizational workflows. Processes in place outline a clear hand-off of leads from marketing to sales.

Common areas of misalignment are between sales enablement and customer service team, as well as marketing and customer service organizations.

RevOps brings these teams together, providing effective cross-functional support.

Support for your RevOps initiative

We take time to understand your requirements, then tailor a solution to support your goals.

Bundled Projects

We understand that sometimes distinct projects may require extra resources. We offer a mix of staffing resources in standard packages. In the event your needs vary, we can tailor a solution to fit your requirements.

Contingent staff

We can provide the staff resources you need, from senior consultant and analyst, to project manager and developer. The more days you buy and the longer the commitment you give, the less you pay per day.

Managed Service

Clients trust us to build and manage their revenue operations. We offer a managed service that is designed to stand-up a modern revenue operations team, dedicated to supporting sales, marketing, customer service, and company leadership.

Expected Results

When properly implemented, a modern Revenue Operations team helps an organization rewrite internal operations, improve client acquisition, facilitate customer loyalty, and establish a culture focused on driving revenue.

With our RevOps solutions, you can take revenue performance to the next level. Book an appointment to learn how.

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